Terms and Conditions

Please take a minute to read through the terms and conditions. Some of these may be important to you. In particular we would draw your attention to the following:

You are expected to leave the property clean and tidy. Normal “turnaround” cleaning is included, but additional cleaning will be charged as extra.

Instead of taking a security deposit, replacements, repairs or supplementary cleaning, if applicable, will be charged to your credit card.

The Owners want to ensure the safe and efficient use of the swimming pool. You will be denied access to the pool if you break the important rules listed below.

The Contract

  • The Garden House, Jack's Barn & Deerleap (the "Properties") may be occupied only for short term holiday letting with no rights of occupancy beyond the contracted dates.
  • The contract for the rental of the Property is between you (the "Tenant", "you", "your") and RHC & EJE Clayton (the "Owners", "we", "our"). You shall be jointly and severally liable with the others in your party and all those in your party shall be bound by the terms of the contract herein. You shall be responsible for any minors in your party.
  • A contract is not made until a booking request has been confirmed by the Owners and a cleared deposit payment has been received by the owners.
  • The contract shall be governed by English law. If any provision within the contract if found to be legally invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed not to form part of the contract but the other provisions of the contract shall not be affected.
  • The Owners have taken care to describe the Property accurately on internet websites and elsewhere. The property may be subject to minor changes and the Tenant accepts that there may be minor differences from the description.

How to Book

You can book online, by email to holidays@lilycombe.co.uk, or by telephone (01761 241080, 07976 988531). Please remember that your booking is secured when you have received confirmation of acceptance and the appropriate payment has been received.

Payment Arrangements

  • For bookings made less than 8 weeks prior to your rental dates, a deposit of one half of the rental sum should be made at the time of booking.
  • For bookings made within 8 weeks of your rental dates, full payment should be made at the time of booking.
  • Where a deposit has been paid, the balance is payable not later than 8 weeks prior to rental dates.
  • For credit/debit card payments, the balance will be taken automatically from the same card as the deposit paymenbt, unless otherwise advised by you..
  • The Owners may cancel a booking and retain any deposit payment if payments are not received by the due dates.
  • If the Owners cannot accommodate a booking request, they will return your deposit payment.
  • Payment may be made by cheque, cash (subject to secure delivery), credit or debit card. A handling charge of 3% of transaction value will be applied to certain credit cards (eg Amex). Cheques should be made payable to Jane Clayton.

Credit card pre-authorisation

Instead of taking a security deposit, we operate a pre-authorisation system whereby you give us your credit card details and, as part of your contract with us, you agree to being charged for any replacements, repairs or supplementary cleaning for which you can reasonably be held liable. This is similar to the system used in hotels.


  • If, for any reason, you need to cancel your confirmed booking, you should do so in writing by email to holidays@lilycombe.co.uk or by post to Jane Clayton, Lilycombe Farm, Chewton Mendip, Somerset BA3 4NZ.
  • If the Owners are not successful in re-letting the property, all sums received from you shall be forfeited to the Owners.
  • If the Owners are successful in re-letting the property for the rental period you had booked at the same or reduced rate, the Owners will return to you the surplus remaining (if any) after adding all sums received from you to the total sum received for the re-letting, then deducting the normal rate applicable for the rental period.

The Properties

This section applies to each property at Lilycombe Farm - The Garden House; Jack's Barn & Deerleap.

  • The Property is to be used for normal holiday occupation only.
  • The Property may not be sublet.
  • The Property may only be used to accommodate up to 8 people for the Garden House; 10 people for Jack's Barn and 4 people for Deerleap.
  • The Owners may enter the Property at any reasonable time, or, if for an emergency, immediately.

Owners' Obligations

  • The Owners will make the Property available to the Tenant for its exclusive use for the agreed rental period.
  • The Owners will ensure that the Property is clean and tidy, in good condition for the Tenant.
  • The Owners will endeavour to repair or replace any essential item of equipment should it fail during the rental period, except if such failure is due to negligence or wilful damage by the Tenant.
  • The Owners will address any complaint raised by the Tenant promptly and seek a satisfactory resolution where possible. The Tenant is asked to raise any problems with the Owner in good time so that the Owner can take effective measures to resolve any such problems. Complaints that remain unresolved should be notified in writing to the Owners, who will resolve the complaint or respond in writing.

Tenant's Obligations

  • The Tenant will not cause a nuisance, disruption or annoyance to the Owners or others.
  • The Tenant will comply with reasonable rules or requests of the Owners.
  • Any damage or breakages should be reported to the Owners immediately so that replacement or repair can be effected without delay.
  • The Tenant agrees to pay to the Owners such reasonable costs as may be necessary to repair or replace anything lost or damaged during the Tenant's period of occupation.
  • The Tenant agrees to use the equipment, fixtures and fittings with due care and in accordance with instructions given.
  • The Tenant agrees to abide by any safety advice given by the Owners.


Your rental payment includes normal ‘turnaround’ cleaning which takes 3 – 4 hours. This includes changing the beds, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. It does not include ovens, grills, taking out rubbish and doing the washing up. If you would like to arrange for extra professional cleaning on your departure day or during your stay, you should notify the Owners in advance of your arrival or immediately upon arrival. Any stains or soiling that cannot be effectively removed will be treated as damage and charged for.

Dogs and Horses

With the exception of registered guide dogs, dogs and other pets are generally not permitted. In certain circumstances, a well behaved dog may be permitted to stay at extra charge and subject to certain conditions. It may also be possible to accommodate a horse or pony in the adjacent field, at extra charge.

Limitation of Owners' Liability

  • Except in cases of death or serious injury caused by the Owners' negligence, or for any liability that by law cannot be excluded, any Owners' liability to the Tenant for breach of contract, misrepresentation or other cause will be limited to a sum not exceeding twice the total amount of rental payment received from the Tenant.
  • The Owners shall not be liable where performance of the contract is delayed, changed or cancelled for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Owners. The Owners will notify the Tenant as soon as possible in these circumstances and reimburse payments made by the Tenant as appropriate and proportionately.

Data Protection

  • The Tenant agrees with the Owner that the Owner may store such personal data as may be supplied by the Tenant and that, unless otherwise notified by the tenant, such information may be used for keeping the Tenant informed or for marketing purposes.
  • No information supplied by the Tenant will be passed to third parties except as far as it is necessary to do so for the purposes of fulfilling the Tenant's contract with the Owners (for example, for processing payment, obtaining insurance, making event bookings on behalf of the Tenant).
  • Credit/debit card details will only be stored by the Owners as far as necessary for the purposes of taking legitimate payment in relation to the Tenant's occupation of the Property and reimbursement for damage caused by the Tenant.

Swimming Pool

The indoor heated swimming pool (the “pool”) is available to Tenants for their enjoyment, subject to their strict adherence to the rules governing its use. Failure by the Tenant or any of the Tenant’s party to comply with the rules will result in access to the pool being denied without further notice and with no compensation for such denial of use being due to the Tenant. In case of mechanical breakdown, water imbalance or similar difficulty, such that continued use of the pool is not viable, the pool may be closed without notice. The Owners will take all reasonable steps to reopen the pool as quickly as possible but will not compensate the Tenant for any period of unavailability. There are health, safety and environmental risks associated with the use of swimming pools and the Owners are uncompromising in their application of rules to ensure the safe enjoyment of the facility by Tenants.

  • You may book the pool for the exclusive use of your party for up to 2 periods per day for a combined total time of up to 3 hours per day. At other times the pool may be available to you as well as to others. The pool will be closed for 2 periods each day and late at night. Pool opening times and bookable times will be subject to change but will be notified to you on arrival.
  • The pool is available to you and your party but is not available to your non-resident guests.
  • Your access control card is not transferable to others.
  • No person under the age of 16 may enter the pool building unless accompanied at all times by a competent person aged over 16.
  • Regardless of age, non-swimmers or less able users should be accompanied at all times by a competent person aged over 16.
  • No person may enter the pool building if under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise of reduced capacity in such a way that the person or others are put at risk.
  • No glassware (including bottles) is permitted in the pool building. Alternatives are available from the Owners.
  • No running or diving is permitted within the pool hall. The pool is 1.4 metres deep.
  • Swimmers are expected to shower before entering the pool. In addition, small children should be encouraged to use the loo provided before entering the pool.
  • All areas within the pool building should be left clean and tidy as found.
  • The pool building is equipped with climate controls and insulating pool cover. You should replace the cover and switch off lights and other equipment when vacating the pool building.

Far from the Madding Crowd

CV Rebook or Refund Guarantee

Lilycombe has lots of space, away from the worst anxieties of CV.

That's not to say we don't take it seriously. The Housekeepers are fully briefed on deep cleaning and we are careful to follow Government guidelines.


If Government advice is that we should close, or that you should not travel, we will rebook your holiday or refund your payments.


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